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Ralph Wilcox
Founding Member

passed away - Nov. 28, 2022
Tribute to
Rick Cruise
Bill Loubsky

Lou Flammia

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  • Thursday June 13, 2024 (or before)

    • Committee Arrival

  • Friday June 14, 2024

    • Convention setup

      • Cardinal, Robin and Eagle room setups

      • Registration setup (Goody Bags)

      • Track setup: Pond, Pavilion, Flower bed, Lobby Track

      • BOD Meeting

  • Saturday June 15, 2024

    • Registration

    • Runnin' Trains

    • Ralph Wilcox All Aboard Party

  • Sunday June 16, 2024

  • Monday June 17, 2024

    • Hotel Day/Free Day

    • Runnin' Trains in the Daytime (need to set minimum run times for pond)

    • Convention Rooms Open at night

    • Runnin' Trains, Raffles, Trivia???

  • Tuesday June 18,2024

  • Wednesday June 19, 2024

    • General Membership meeting in the morning

    • Morning Runnin' Trains

    • Convention Rooms open

    • Show @ BIH Stage “The Confession” (Starts around 1pm)

    • Ladies Wine/Cheese

    • Convention Rooms Open at night

    • Clinic #3

    • Runnin' Trains, Raffles, Trivia???

  • Thursday June 20,2024

    • Drag Races (sometime in the morning)

    • Tear everything down, except for pond track, and vacate convention rooms

    • Trivia Finale during banquet

    • Farewell Banquet

  • Friday June 21, 2024

    • Pond Runnin' Trains

    • Pond tear down

Pennsylvania LS Train Club seeks Members
North Central Pennsylvania Mountains GRS
Jeffrey Damerst - President
307 North Michael Street
St Marys, PA 15857


A new feature in this section will be interesting new information about your BTO Club or other Large Scale happenings.

  • GR News is online

  • Garden Railroading News Edition 2 of 2023 has been released at www.GRNews.org  

    (Big Trains Operator Club (BTOC) is listed as a national affiliated club) to send notice of new issues out to their members.  (six per year).  It is one more benefit of being a member of the club since there are no subscriptions or other types of notifications.  Currently about 5,000 people read (or at least look at) each issue.  All back issues are available for free as well. 

    Bill Derville, Beaverton, OR - BTOC Club Member

The current edition includes articles about:

  • The Nute's Lake Town & Shire RR in Georgia 

  • Prepping a RR for a National Convention

  • A 3D Rotary Snow Plow from New Zealand

  • Improving the tracking & looks of Aristocraft Streamliners

  • Our second 'Loco of the Edition' from New Jersey

Please let your friends know that the 2nd Edition of 2023 of Garden Railroading News has been released and that they can view/download it at www.GRNews.org for free.

In the Edition, they can also learn how to order printed copies of this and past editions (for a cost). 

Thank you for your continuing support. Readers like you are the lifeblood of our wonderful hobby. Mick

Mick Spilsbury : President, Bay Area Garden Railway Society
GRNews Marketing & Distribution Director

GRNews.org, GRNews on Facebook, GR News on Instagram

G Gauge down under:

Take a look at the elegant pdf Newsletters listed below. Prepared, all in color, they're known collectively as -...

"The Garden Whistle"

is published monthly by the Christchurch Garden Railway Group and features news from various G scale Groups in New Zealand. Each club has a separate identity and the contact details may be found in the January Issue.

Contributions of articles and/or photos are always welcome. Photos should be sent as separate jpg attachments. The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Editor, Executive, or members of the Christchurch Garden Railway Group.

Editor: Editor: Iain Collingwood, Email: gw.editor@outlook.com

See the GW - September 2023 for scratch passenger car building with 3D printing and New Zealand Garden RR Convention with lots of trains and live steam.

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GW - Feb. 2022

GW - March 2022
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Havin' Fun, Runnin' Trains

Nothing was more up-to-date when it was built, or is more obsolete today, than the railroad station. - Ada Louise Huxtable


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