Mystic Big Train Operator Club2002 Mystic Convention
2022 Mystic/Groton Clinics

We have three Clinics confirmed for the Mystic Convention. 

These are:

·       DCC for beginners being presented by Geraer (Jiro) Yeramian. 

Though many of our club members are running standard analog engines, DCC is being installed as a standard on some new engines purchased from manufacturers.  This clinic is designed to answer member questions concerning the initial use of DCC on our layouts. 

Jiro Yeramian is a club member with an interest in both garden and indoor trains.  He likes European trains of the steam era.  His experience in DCC has been used in activity with his local club members that he has done DCC installations for.

·       Battery Conversion/Remote control by Don Sweet.

As technology continues to add features to both engines and cars as seen in the catalogs from the manufacturers, there is a large quantity of engines that are just analog with maybe a track magnet to trigger a bell and whistle.  And some of these older engines do not even have that feature.  Once you hear the sound in the newer engines the older engines become candidates for aftermarket sound systems.  Combing the allure of adding sound with the concept of following the train around the layout and initiate sounds accordingly to the “scenery” on the layout, adding a battery and a remote-control system becomes attractive.

Don Sweet of RMC-Remote Control Systems of New England is well known for his activities in the modeling world for advising, installing, and supporting various battery/remote control systems.  His conversions range from HO to G scale trains.  RMC has had booth at many of the trade shows on the East Coast where Don is always willing to share his experiences and knowledge.

·       Collecting LGB Trains presented by Dr. Larry Cromwell

All of us in the hobby become collectors in a very short time.  For long term members of the club, there were many opportunities to purchase LGB engines and cars.  Over the years many have collected engines or cars that have a special spot for us and were bought primarily for the purpose of display.  Dr. Cromwell will talk about these collections.

Dr. Cromwell has been a member of the BTO since 1988 and is a past BTOC president.  He is a retired physician with an interest in American models from steam transition to modern equipment.

Clinics are a great way to keep up with the hobby and share our experiences.  I believe that this group of clinics will have something for everyone.  Even if you are not currently in the market to upgrade to one of the new systems, it is still good to understand what is out there and share that knowledge with newer members of the hobby as they look for thoughts and recommendations from those that have been in the hobby for several years.  Information collected here can be useful in local clubs as they look to improve their presentation to the public and entice new members to the hobby.

Updated Convention Schedule and Clinic Info  
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