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Charles Bartel, BTO President, continues a discussion of 3D Printing and his experience with the hardware and software.
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3D Printing

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Check the pictures from the BTO 2019 Convention
We'll probably use this format as we fill in our missing events!
Remembrances of Lou Flammia

A new feature in this section will be interesting new information about your BTO Club or other Large Scale happenings.

  • For the summer we thought we'd do a feature on 3D Printing by our President, Charles Bartel as well as one covering...
  • 'G' in New Zealand. We've been in touch with them and we've jointly decided to share some material with them. They have a monthly newsletter covering what's happening to the 'Kiwis' and 'G' or #1 gauge a half-a-world away. They have faced the same challenges about Covid-19 and many of their events have been postponed or cancelled.
         We've just posted their February issue
    Take a look at the elegant pdf Newsletters listed on the left. Prepared, all in color, they're known collectively as -...

The Garden Whistle

is published monthly by the Christchurch Garden Railway Group and features news from various G scale Groups in New Zealand. Each club has a separate identity and the contact details may be found in the January Issue.

Contributions of articles and/or photos are always welcome. Photos should be sent as separate jpg attachments. The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Editor, Executive, or members of the Christchurch Garden Railway Group.

Editor: Ian C Galbraith, 3 Church Street, RANGIORA 7400.
Email: GW@culcreuchfold.org.nz
New Cleveland Info as of 11/8/20
1st Registration Form download Form1 as a pdf (includes hotel info)


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