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We need you to sign up a new member in the BTO Club!

We’re introducing an exciting program to help our Club grow its membership along with extending to existing members a great opportunity to earn some nice discounts on Convention and Annual Club Cars. For each new member you bring into the Club you will be recognized and earn a higher status in the program. When you recruit a 5th new member over a rolling 12 month period, you will receive a very special ‘Thank You’ from
your Club.

Membership in our great Club has been slipping for a number of years and here is your chance to help boost the numbers so that more G-scale fans can be Havin’ Fun, Runnin’ Trains.

Here’s how the BTOC Recruit-a-Buddy Program works
(based on a rolling 12 months - starting with your 1st recruit)

Recruit 1 new member—receive a $10 discount off a Club car

Recruit a 2nd new member—receive a $15 discount off a Convention car

Recruit a 3rd new member—receive a special BTOC T-shirt

Recruit a 4th new member—your membership is free next year!

Recruit a 5th new member—receive an off-color Club or Convention car!
(The off-color car you receive will be determined by the Board of Directors)

So get on board—it’s fun and easy to sign up a new member. We all know somebody we can bring into the Club—a neighbor—a friend—a relative—a fellow member of a local train club—a business associate or contact—even someone at a train show you’re attending... the possibilities are almost limitless.
It’s a snap to get started. Download a new member sign-up form. Simply fill in your name in the ‘How did you hear about the Club’ next to the ‘A current member’ line, then make some copies and start handing them out and you’ll be on your way. We’ll take care of the rest. When the new member application form is received by Dave Snow he will keep track of the existing member who is listed on the form and you’ll receive instant credit and recognition for bringing a new member into our great Club. However, if a recruited member does not renew their initial membership, the award will become null and void.

Recruit a Buddy—it’s good for our Club and it’s good for You!

(Of the parralels between the railways and the church) both had their heyday in the mid-nineteenth century; both own a great deal of Gothic-style architecture which is expensive to maintain; both are regularly assailed by critics; and both are firmly convinced that they are the best means of getting man to his ultimate destination. - Reverend W. Awdry


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