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March, 2017

Dear Club Members,
Twelve years ago, our club reached a point where our expenses were exceeding our income and we had to raise the club dues for an individual to the current $ 35 per year. Over the years, the Board of Directors have worked diligently to keep the Club’s operating cost as low as possible and still provide the services and communication capability to the club members.

We have now reached the point where outside cost such as mailing, printing, insurance, and other BTO required expenses have risen to the point where, when putting together the 2017 budget, we were no longer “breaking even” given our income. Please bear in mind that though we offer many opportunities over the year to purchase rolling stock, tee shirts, etc. that highlight our conventions and items for our upcoming 40th anniversary, we do not make a significant profit on these items. It is a service to our members to add unique items to their collections. The majority of our income to maintain the Club and its services comes from our dues.

After much discussion in the first quarter Board of Directors meeting, it was determined that we must raise our dues from the current $35 to $50 for domestic membership, and $60 for our international members. We believe that this is below the dues level for many other Clubs that support our hobby and we believe that we are providing more services than many of them do. It is also the goal of the Board to raise the dues sufficiently that we can maintain this level for another 10 to 12 years.

The change in dues will be effective with all new members and all renewals on July 1st of this year. We appreciate your trust in us when you elected us to our various offices. We hope that you understand the need for this increase and will continue your membership in our Club.

Truly Yours,

Bill Harryman
President, Big Train Operator Club

Those colorful denizens of male despair, the Bowery bum and the rail-riding hobo, have been replaced by the bag lady and the welfare mother. - Florence King


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