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2017 BTO Convention Car Set  

Buffalo Hoppers 

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The 2017 Buffalo Convention Set!

A limited-edition, two hopper-car set featuring convention graphics, produced in
Germany through a special arrangement with PIKO America for the BTOC.

BTO Club 2017 Convention Cars
This is a pre-production rendering and subject to minor final production changes.

Custom BTO Club graphics make this car the perfect add-on to your consist or a special addition to your layout!

Cars are steel grey with black graphics on one and blue graphics on the other.

Only 45 sets will be produced. SOLD OUT

Special add-on car only available at the convention...

Special add-on car only
available at the convention...
An additional car, a perfect
match to the convention set,
will only be available for
purchase at the convention.
Steel grey with red graphics.
$50 each.
Sorry, only one additional car
per registered member...
no pre-orders.

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