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BTO # 119, Spring 2006 Feature Articles

In this issue...


BTO Club News

Big Train Operator Club News- 2006 BTOC

Read all about it: Scheduled Membership Meeting at the ECLSTS, Vote on the new Club Bylaws, and find out how to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Ridge Road Station.


News from the G-scale World

Big Train Operator -G-News - 2006 BTOC Inc.

New brass PRR locomotive from Khando, New LGB for 2006, 
and a review of the Bachmann Spectrum 20.3:1 Railtruck.


Manufacturer Centerfold : Aristo-Craft

Big Train Operator - Crafters Spotlight - 2006 BTOC Inc.

Lewis Polk tells us what sets Aristo-Craft apart from the crowd.


The L&P Railroad 

Big Train Operator - L&P Railway- 2006 BTOC Inc.

The Effinger's share their dream - a garden railroad.


The Lloyd Railway

Big Train Operator - Lloyd Railroad - 2006 BTOC Inc.

Ralph Lloyd packs a lot into an indoor railroad.


Garden railroad construction

Big Train Operator - Garden Railroad Construction- 2006 BTOC Inc.

Charles Hall shares his track laying techniques.


Crossroads Village & the Huckleberry Railroad

Big Train Operator - Huckleberry Railroad - 2006 BTOC Inc.

Bob Somogyi visits Crossroads Village and the Huckleberry Railroad.


Sure, jets are fast and economical, but, oh my, what fun we've lost and what leisure we've sacrificed in the race to efficiency. Somehow, stepping onto a plane and zooming across the United States in a matter of hours doesn't hold a candle to the dear, old-fashioned train ride. - Ginger Rogers


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