40th Anniversary 1978-2018

2020/21 BTO Club
New Years Car  

By USA Trains 

2021 Cleveland Convention Preview

Produced in the USA

This is a pre-production rendering and subject to minor final production changes.

The Happy New Year! steel box car was produced exclusively for the BTOC by USA Trains in their Malden, MA facilities. It features a dark blue body, silver roof and ends with special glow-in-the-dark type and 4-color graphics. Celebrating the new year amd 43 years of Havin' Fun Runnin' Trains.

Special Features

  • Fully painted body

  • Rivet detail

  • Quality graphics

  • Push in grab irons and corner steps

  • Detailed Bettendorf Trucks

  • Both Hook/Loop and Knuckle Couplers

  • Length: 17" x Height: 5"

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